Uzoamaka Asiegbu

Gender and Disability Inclusion Specialist

Uzoamaka Asiegbu is a Gender and Disability Inclusion Specialist championing the representation and mainstreaming of women with disabilities in all aspects of society. With an award from UNV in Nigeria on Women empowerment and Gender and two years of experience working with UN Women, Uzoamaka has mastered the requisite skills to ensure the inclusion of women, including those with disabilities, in gender equality. During the peak of the COVID pandemic, she secured a grant from The Pollination Project, which she utilised to conduct a project that trained youths with disabilities in Tech-related income-generating skills.  

As a Creative writer, Uzoamaka also utilises her art-vocacy (artistic & advocacy) skills and actively uses her creative writing skills to create inclusive representations of women and girls with disabilities in literature. She is presently the President of the Youth Advisory Board of Street Project Foundation's growing pool of transformational youth leaders who are advocating social change through arts. Furthermore, Uzoamaka is a 2023 participant of the Emerging Leaders Artivism Alliance ("Artivism in Action") organised by the PLACE Network and Community Arts Network in Europe, where she is once again using her artistic talents to advocate for social change and gender equality. 

Uzoamaka was a 2023 participant of the European Women's Lobby Young Feminist Summer Camp and is now an Agora feminist member. She is also a member of the Snowdon Trust Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP), where she provides valuable perspectives to ensure that Snowdon's work includes diverse disability and gender-lived experiences. 

She understands the importance of full representation of women with disabilities in gender equality discourses and applies a disabled perspective to my study and work activities. Currently, she is studying for a Master's degree in Women and Gender Studies (Erasmus GEMMA) from the University of Lodz, Poland and the University of Bologna, Italy.