Kaja Kallas

Prime Minister of Estonia

Kaja Kallas has shown true leadership during the times of the war in Ukraine. She's a strong voice in support of liberal democracy both in Europe and the world. PM Kallas is a woman who's brave enough to fight Putin fearlessly and rightly is admired not only by other women but by everyone. For women in politics - particularly from Estonia and Ukraine, but around the world - she is a role model and an inspiring, progressive female leader who has changed perceptions around what a true leader looks like. Recently she also provided a masterclass in her re-election campaign, on how to face up to the threat of nationalism/populism and lead a positive and inclusive campaign which saw her return to office decisively. Kaja Kallas has accomplished remarkable feats as a woman in power in Europe, making her a deserving candidate for the Woman in Power Award by the European Movement International.

As the first female Prime Minister of her country, Kallas has shattered the gender glass ceiling in Estonia. Her historic appointment serves as a beacon of hope for women across Europe, proving that gender should never be a barrier to achieving the highest levels of political leadership. Throughout her tenure, Kallas has championed progressive policies that promote gender equality and women's rights. She has worked diligently to close the gender pay gap and increase the representation of women in decision-making roles in Estonia. By doing so, she has set an example for other European nations to follow demonstrating the positive impact of gender-inclusive policies on both society and the economy. Kallas's contributions extend beyond Estonia's borders. As a member of the European Parliament, she actively participated in shaping legislation and policies that affect the entire European Union. Her commitment to a united and cohesive Europe, particularly during challenging times marked by Brexit and rising populism, has been unwavering.

She has been a vocal advocate for the principles of democracy, the rule of law, and solidarity among member states, reinforcing the European Union's core values. Moreover, Kallas has been a strong proponent of environmental sustainability, recognizing the urgency of addressing climate change. She has advocated for ambitious climate goals and has worked to ensure that Estonia and the European Union remain at the forefront of global efforts to combat the climate crisis.

In summary, Kaja Kallas's accomplishments as a woman in power in Europe are multifaceted and impactful. Her leadership, dedication to gender equality, commitment to European unity, and advocacy for environmental sustainability make her a highly deserving candidate for the Woman in Power Award by the European Movement International. She serves as an inspiration to women and leaders across Europe, illustrating the positive change that can be achieved through determined leadership and a commitment to progressive values.