Eva Hartog

Correspondent for Politico Europe

Eva Hartog is a Dutch journalist and contributor to De Groene Amsterdammer and Politico Europe. 

In 2013 she moved to Moscow to work as an English language journalist for The Moscow Times, writing both for the (already rapidly dwindling) expatriate community in the Russian capital and for internationally based readers. In 2017 she was appointed editor in chief of the newspaper. At around the same time, the newspaper cancelled its regular print edition in order to concentrate on its online presence. The occasional print edition continued to appear on an irregular basis. She resigned her post as editor in chief in 2019.

After the war, her work became ever more crucial as access to information became more and more limited; her knowledge of Russia helped to keep the West in the loop about current events there, for instance with her piece on foreign journalists in Rusia. She was expelled from the country in August 2023, in the context of her reporting on Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny's trial.