Beatrice (Bebe) Vio

Italian Paralimpic wheelchair fencing champion

Beatrice Bebe Vio is a strong activist for disabled people's rights and fierce campaigner for early vaccination.

Bebe has been passionate about fencing from the time she was a young girl. Not even the amputation of both her legs and her forearms, a misfortune that struck when she was only eleven, deter her. She soon returned to fencing, with the sport being one of Bebe’s three passions – next to school and scouting, soon becoming a champion wheelchair fencer. 

A champion wheelchair fencer, Beatrice Bebe Vio won multiple Paralympic medals, including two individual golds as well as a silver and bronze in teams. Bebe embodies the spirit of sport and how it can be a source of joy and strength. Her motto ‘Se sembra impossibile, allora si può fare!’ (If it seems impossible, then it can be done!) is an inspiration and lesson to all of us.

Bebe is committed to carry her motto out into the world through her involvement with the art4sport ONLUS Association, and to promote sport as therapy in the physical and psychological recovery of children with limb prostheses.