Barbara Bouillon

Editor at ARTE GEIE

Barbara Bouillon has been an editor at ARTE Thema since 2013, where she works on various European policy topics. In particular, she has been editor for Ukraine coverage since 2022 and is actively involved in the development of the European platform - arte.tv and Youtube.

The Franco-German TV channel ARTE is in itself a fascinating project that has earned a firm place in the TV scene with a high-quality, pro-European program and little commercial advertising.

Ms. Bouillon's professional career is European through and through. As early as 1992-1993, she was with the European Voluntary Service in Krakow - Poland and then studied Slavic Studies in Berlin and Moscow. She was an author and editor at the German-Polish Journal, made "Kowalski meets Schmidt" for ORB/RBB and was an editor at the ARD Studio Southeast Europe. 

She designed a special 10 years EU enlargement to the East in Warsaw 2014 and was responsible for documentaries on Brexit, Eastern European guest workers, the crisis in Italy, in Spain-Catalonia, on the opposition in Russia. She was also an editor at Swiss Television in Zurich.