Viviane Ogou Corbi

Youth Activist, President of La Puerta de Africa

Viviane Ogou is an award-winning activist, junior researcher and founder and president of Puerta de África, an international youth think-and-do tank that aims to improve relations between Africa and Europe while promoting youth participation and empowerment. She is also a member of the UCLG Youth Caucus.

Viviane Ogou has been involved in human and civil rights movements from a young age and joined the pan-European movement in 2017. She coordinated the Madrid team of the youth association Equipo Europa, collaborating with the European Parliament Office (EPO) in Spain, in promoting EU awareness and youth participation in the political arena. After founding Puerta de África, he continued to collaborate with the EPO, as well as with other public institutions, foundations, and NGOs. As a result, Puerta de África has been involved in different projects at EU level, mainly with the European Commission. Viviane has also been the Spanish Youth Delegate to the Council of Europe for two years (2020-2021) contributing to the elaboration of recommendations to foster youth participation and providing a youth perspective to the different Council resolutions.

Viviane Oguo has contributed to the development of a massive survey of Spanish youth, on their priorities and proposals for the future of the country. In addition, she is an activist for migrants' rights and antiracism, promoting a change of vision to innovate and improve migration governance, and promoting an enabling narrative for migrants and their descendants to unlock their potential as agents of change. In this sense, she has contributed to different projects, for example, the PLURAL+ Festival jointly convened by IOM and UNAOC, among others. She also offers training courses and has given keynote lectures throughout Europe and Africa, with small contributions in Latin America and Asia. As a result, she has won the Messengers of Peace Heroes (World Scout) award and has been shortlisted as European Youth of the Year (2022) and Obama Europe Leader's (2022).