Luisa Neubauer

Climate activist, Founder of Fridays For Future Germany

Luisa Neubauer has been a youth ambassador of the non-governmental organization ONE since 2016. She was also active for the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations, 350.org, the Right Livelihood Award foundation, the Fossil Free campaign and The Hunger Project. With the campaign Divest! Withdraw your money! she forced the University of Göttingen to stop investing in industries that make money with coal, oil or gas.

As of the beginning of 2019, Neubauer became known as one of the leading Fridays For Future activists. Neubauer does not see the strikes as a means of directly affecting politics. More important is the work behind the strikes: "What we're doing is incredibly sustainable. We're creating structures and turning the events into educational experiences. And we're leading debates on the principles of climate protection."

In 2021 she and others won a climate litigation case against the German Government, which has been considered a historic ruling. In 2022, the TIMES listed her as one of the 100 global emerging voices.

Luisa Neubauer has published three books, all of which discuss the climate emergency from different angles, deploying methods of storytelling and science communication.