Laura de Dilectis


Founder of DONNEXSTRADA, a non-profit association that works for the safety of people on the streets and against gender-based violence. The association wants to help create a society without gender discrimination, without forms of physical and psychological violence against women, and to promote social change through simple and effective tools to concretely defend women's right to safety.

We do this by offering the largest network in Italy of specific legal and psychological support for victims of violence, by creating Purple Points which are business premises trained and sensitized on violence and safety in the street, by organizing events, photo campaigns, webinars, workshops for schools and companies, but above all by building the first service in the world that through live Instagram videos accompanies h24 anyone who is afraid in the street, thanks to volunteers trained by us.

I used social media and technology to offer support and video testimonies to anyone afraid in the street. The service became viral in Italy and proved so necessary that we decided to offer it also in other European countries with the international IG profile VIOLAWALKHOME, which also went viral in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Because for the first time, social is being used for social.

Today, I am the president of DONNEXSTRADA and CEO of V. Srl, a start-up that represents the international VIOLAWALKHOME service and aims to use technology more and more in the service of people's safety. That's why we are developing VIOLA: the app that protects you with video calls.