Kira Marie Peter-Hansen

Member of the European Parliament, member of the Greens/European Free Alliance

Kira Marie Peter-Hansen is the youngest politician ever elected for the European Parliament. As the Vice President of the Greens/EFA group, she is fighting for a greener, fairer and a more socially inclusive Europe.

She is a feminist by heart, and LGBT+ rights and gender equality are key priorities for Kira. This is also why she has taken on the role as a Coordinator in the Committee on Gender Equality.

She is the lead negotiator on of the EU’s pioneer initiatives on gender equality: The Directive on Pay Transparency. Here she fights to close the gender pay gap and give all 450 million Europeans the right to equal pay for work of equal value.

Last but not least, she aims through her social media and weekly talks in high schools and universities, to give young people a better insight into the EU decision making processes, and discuss with them how they can have an impact on society and their own future.