Ynaée Benaben

Co-Founder of En avant toute(s)

After having worked for UN Women in Brazil, Ynaée decided to create and set up her own project: In 2013, at the age of 22, she launched En avant toute(s), an association that fights for gender equality and the end of violence against young women. En avant toute(s) is recognised by French associative and institutional actors and occupies a prominent place in the French landscape of feminist movements. It is committed to always valuing social, associative and network work. One of the key initiatives of En avant toute(s) is the commentonsaime.fr website which is aimed at young people who have questions about their relationship, their sexuality and/or their identity. The website is supported by a chat where young people can be put in touch with professionals who listen and offer advice or point them towards those structures that can. En avant toute(s) has brought France a nationwide system allowing young people to express themselves and seek advice in a non-judgmental environment.