Team Memory Haven

Developers of the Memory Heaven app

The Memory Haven team, with Rachael Akano, Margaret Akano, Joy Njekwe and Evelyn Nomayo, are nominated for their contribution to business and technology in Ireland and Europe more broadly, and for leading the way for women in Ireland of all ages, in particular those from underrepresented communities to succeed as they have in business and STEM. They were recently awarded the top prize at the 2020 virtual Technovation World Summit for an app they created called Memory Haven. The app offers support to the 500,000+ people in Ireland whose loved ones have been affected by dementia. It is ground-breaking in terms of the technological support it can provide both to people with dementia and to their carers in relation to memory loss and recognition. To combat these symptoms, some of the features the app includes are a section for photos to be played back as slide shows, reminder alerts, health care checks and games to test memory and cognitive abilities. The Memory Haven app won the top prize at the 2020 Technovation World Summit and the Irish team had been the only EU team to qualify for the senior division finals, thus representing Europe in the final round.