Malda Avramenko

Mediator & Activist for Roma Families and Children in Ventspils

Malda Avramenko is Roma mediator in Ventspils, the 6th largest city in Latvia in the framework of the Latvian National Roma Platform projects co-funded by the European Union “Rights, Equality & Citizenship Programme - 2014-2020”. When she started this work in 2018, she focused on 45 disadvantaged Roma families children each, where the majority of adults are illiterate and have limited skills for the labour market. During this period Avramenko managed to ensure that available municipal apartments were renovated for twelve families. By using her experience, knowledge, persistence, ability to listen to people's needs and collaborative skills, Avramenko has achieved real progress for the most disadvantaged Roma families and children in the city of Ventspils. By engaging in constructive dialogue with municipal and governmental institutions, attracting resources of local and national NGOs, fighting discrimination, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, she has changed the lives of many.