European Federation of Nurses

The women nurses of Europe have been instrumental in working on the frontlines during the COVID-crisis and there is a powerful opportunity to celebrate the essential work of all women nurses, especially during this time of the COVID crisis. EIGE showed in a recent study that women make up the majority (76%) of healthcare workers in the EU. This work should be recognised, even more so in extremely difficult conditions, all across Europe during the pandemic. The association represents 2.5 million women nurses. 90% of its governance are women.

Upon receiving the Woman in Action Award, Elizabeth Adams, on behalf of the European Federation of Nurses Associations, said, “Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, frontline nurses have been instrumental in protecting health and saving lives, with significant risk to their own lives and that of their families. It is with pride that Europeans across the continent have seen and understood the invaluable contribution of nursing. The 2020 Women of Europe Award acknowledges this selfless commitment, exceptional skills and their hard work.”