Johanna Nejedlová

Co-founder of Konsent

Johanna Nejedlová is the co-founder of Konsent, an organization aiming to change the conversation surrounding traditional Czech attitudes towards sex and sexual violence. Working along the platform of “Když to nechce, tak to nechce” (“If she doesn't want to, she doesn't want to"), Nejedlová has been a dynamic force in guiding young Czech women towards a different aspect of their own rights and power. Konsent crowdfunded money to do primary prevention on sexual violence for teenagers. In one year, the organization educated about 1200 kids via a complex workshop on consent, respect, and rape myths. Konsent's self-help group for victims of sexual violence helps many young girls fully recover and support each other after being assaulted.

Additionally, Nejedlová herself has joined a subcommittee of Czech Women's Lobby focusing on violence against women, wrote a column about current women's rights and feminist topics for relevant newspapers and radio, and additionally teamed up with artists to promote a groundbreaking art installation forcing the public to acknowledge the reality of incest and sexual violence.