Heli Kurjanen

Founder of Lune Group LTD

In 2005, Heli Kurjanen founded Lune Group Ltd after a dissatisfying experience with an online order of a moon cup. Under her entrepreneurial leadership, the brand has grown to achieve global recognition. By 2017, the company had a remarkable turnover of 3.7 million euros. Lune Group is committed to dismantling societal taboos surrounding menstruation and actively disseminates information about periods through its website and social media channels.

In addition to their advocacy efforts, the company has made significant contributions to the cause. They have donated moon cups and have actively participated in development and charity projects in developing countries, with a focus on improving women's lives.

There is a pervasive stigma associated with menstruation, both within Finland and internationally and periods can have far-reaching consequences on women's lives. Heli Kurjanen's dedicated work in making periods a normal and more comfortable, clean experience has had a profound impact on the cause.