Helen Dixon

Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland

Helen Dixon assumed the role of Data Protection Commissioner in 2014, marking a significant milestone as the first woman to hold this position. Her tenure coincided with the influx of major technology companies choosing Ireland as their European operational base, intensifying the focus on data privacy. Helen's leadership in this capacity has been characterized by exceptional skill and success.

Her office plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the personal data of hundreds of millions of European citizens. Notably, she led the Data Protection Commission through the early, yet crucial, phases of implementing and enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). She has also handled prominent and high-profile data protection cases from across Europe. One such case involved Austrian privacy advocate Max Schrems's legal battle against Facebook. Furthermore, Helen was at the forefront of a significant dispute regarding the transfer of data between Europe and the United States, ultimately resulting in the invalidation of the Safe Harbour agreement between the two regions.

Helen Dixon's remarkable contributions in her role have been instrumental in shaping the data protection landscape in Europe.