Gals4Gals - Lodzkie Dziewuchy Dziewuchom

Polish feminist collective

From the city of Lodz, Gals4Gals has shown how a local initiative can fight for values across a country and an entire continent.

Since 2016, the Polish feminist collective has fought for the sexual rights of women, ensuring that all women are accepted – including those from groups that are usually disadvantaged, such as women from rural areas, queer women, racialized women, refugee women, or trans women. Their success has led them to share their experiences with other women from across Europe.

The Black Protest, led by Gals4Gals, defeated the government, kept abortion rights, and changed public support for sexual rights – from 20% to 60%. Gals4Gals have been leaders in the fight for the sexual rights of women, even when the national government of Poland tried to ban abortion rights in 2016. Not only have they managed to mobilize Lodz and Poland to protect their rights, but they have also been an inspiration for all of Europe. The collective has given ordinary women - gals - a voice in the public space.

Now the group conducts extensive intersectional activities, provides educational, psychological and activist support, and has a visible impact on shaping the awareness of people living in Lodz, which is the fourth biggest city in Poland. It cooperates internationally with fellow feminist groups and like-minded politicians.