Eleonora Azzaoui and Vera Günther

Founders of Mimycri

Mimycri is an organization that designs and manufactures high-quality bags from broken refugee rubber boats. Its founders, Eleonora Azzaoui and Vera Günther, wanted to create "stories to touch" – it is their hope that the products stimulate conversations about escape and migration. It is no surprise that in the Mimycri team, people with and without escape experience work side by side. The organization does two things simultaneously: it addresses the key topic of migration for Europe from a new perspective while at the same time being an upcycling project.

Mimycri successfully brings together all Europeans – the founders actively engage in directly exchanging views with refugees concerning the topic of immigration by shaping the larger story of migration and European solidarity. In May 2019, the organization started a project in line with its vision for Europe, and together with 12 diverse people, created a European flag made of destroyed rubber boats.